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Jim's Mailbag

Jim's Mailbag


Years ago the VA completed cataract surgery on my left eye, since then I continued to have problems because the lens was placed to close to the iris. Numerous time I would awake with only light perception because my eye pressure spiked or because the lens would rub on the iris causing internal bleeding. This last time the blood started to effect the back of the eye and doctors want to go in ASAP to prevent more damage to my Optic Nerve. Right now I am rated 60% due to the newer rating schedule, 7 or more treatments within a year.

Jim's Mailbag


Hi Jim, I have 27 years of federal civil service. If I get IU from the VA, what happens to my retirement? I just turned 50 years old.


Jim's Reply:

An award of TDIU won't have any effect on your retirement pay assuming you meet all other requirements.


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A VA Survivors Pension offers monthly payments to qualified surviving spouses and unmarried dependent children of wartime Veterans.

Step 1: Check if the Veteran’s service allows you to be eligible.

Step 2: Check if you currently meet the criteria to be eligible.

Step 3: Apply


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Mandatory implementation of the Veterans Appeals Improvement Act (AMA) of 2017 occurred on February 19, 2019. Congress recognized the appalling wait times veterans and their eligible family members have been enduring as to appealing VA benefit decisions.