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Jim's Mailbag

Jim's Mailbag


I had an appointment scheduled by VES at a local hospital, but I received a bill for it. Who do I contact to get it paid? Or do I have to pay it, even though it was an outsourced VA C & P  exam?

Jim's Reply:

This is a new one on me. You say you, "thought it was an outsourced VA C&P exam"...wasn't it a C & P exam?  We do not have to pay for C & P exams and I've never heard of one being billed for.

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"Family law" is the term lawyers use to describe laws that affect families. 
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OutServe-SLDN and Strive Health (Strive) and Veteran & First Responder Healthcare ( VFR ) announce a sweeping and expansive new program that will increase access to much needed health services for LGBTQ service members, veterans and their families. In partnership, the two organizations will now provide cost-effective, outpatient addiction and mental health services, improving the lives of individuals and families surviving with mental illnesses and substance abuse disorders.


A Dayton congressman has introduced legislation to overturn a loophole that has prevented victims of sexual assault in domestic violence cases from an expedited base transfer in the military.

U.S. Rep. Mike Turner, R-Dayton, said legislation passed nearly a decade ago wasn’t meant to allow the loophole, but the Pentagon has diverted domestic violence cases to an office that determined it did not have the authority to grant an expedited transfer while victims of sexual assault were granted transfers under a separate office.