50% gap in rating compensation


I had a sleep study in 2009 and I was given a CPAP. I filed a claim for sleep apnea which I didn’t have it before my time in service. I was denied the first time around stating my sleep issue was not service connected. I tried again in 2015 which is the year I was honorably discharged and was denied again. Now it was 2018 and I was able to get back in the VA to appointments and had another sleep study and was given another CPAP. Thinking I’ll have to go and resubmit a claim,  I look on ebenefits and I’m all the sudden service-connected with sleep apnea at 50% dated for 2015. My original total rating at the time was 30% without service connected sleep apnea. Will I get backpay or is there anything I need to submit to get backpay for the
2015-2018 50% gap in rating compensation?

Jim's Reply:

I don't know. Your story is a bit convoluted and I'm not sure I understand what's happened? You're saying that after a denial that you didn't appeal, you were awarded a 50% benefit in 2015 and you haven't noticed it anywhere other than eBenefits? That makes me suspect that what you see in eBenefits isn't correct. I don't believe anything I see in ebenefits unless I can confirm it with the BBE...Big Brown Envelope...that VA mails our benefits information to us in.