2012 divorce left wife without anything


Dear Jim,  I desperately need some help. My husband of 26 years came home on New Years day and packed up all his things and said he was leaving. At that time he was an O5 in the military. I was very sick at the time with Gulf Was Syndrome and was unable to work. My husband said he would give me no money for an attorney. I was able to get the money from family to get one. My mental state at the time was nothing short of a breakdown. One night my husband called me and said "if you fire your attorney I will give you whatever you want. " He said this because my attorney said he was having an affair. My husband was in fear of getting into trouble. I did what he asked after I spent a couple nights in the hospital after trying to commit suicide. Not my finest hour. After doing this we went to court and my husband took everything from me. The house everything in the house, motorcycles and RV. I know there is nothing I can do about all of this however, I know I am eligible to part of h is retirement. Outside the courthouse my husband did write on a piece of paper that upon his retirement he would give me half. He did eventually take that out of my possession.  He also put in the papers a no contact order. The military has deemed me a 20/20 wife and issued me my own ID card. Our divorce was in 2012.  I don't know when or if he is retired. Can you please help me?

Jim's Reply:

I can't help you, no. You have an exceptionally complex situation and you need an attorney who is experienced with military divorce. Good luck.

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