1151 Award from BVA


BVA grants error 1151 on 05/30/2019. Was told BVA letter mailed but no decision.  Second letter should be from Regional Office,  yet I’m confused because I was told compensation will not be issued through Veterans Affairs,  compensation will be from Tucson VA hospital.  Question who will give rating on Article 1151? Case was closed 05/30/2019

Jim's Reply:

If BVA has made a decision to award on an 1151 claim, the veteran will be given a C & P exam to determine the proper rating. The process involves all the disciplines...regional offices and hospitals and even brings in the regional control offices...an award of 1151 is taken very seriously by VA.  When an 1151 award is made,  the payment is on top of or in addition to the veterans disability pay. If the veteran is awarded 60% and is already rated at 40%, the vet will receive the total of the two amounts. Whether or not the 1151 compensation is debited to the hospital that committed the error is a new thought to me. In any case, your compensation will issue from the same place and you won't know the difference,  so no worries.