100% P&T disability and other health problems


Jim, I just got my sleep apnea test done.  Says I need a c-pap machine.  Can you recommend a doctor to write a IMO secondary to my Menieres ?  There’s a very scanty one page medical note about my sleeping problems in my service medical folder; don’t  know if that’s enough proof.  I can handle about 900 bucks.  I know without an IMO, VA will deny 2nd question.  I went to my C & P  for PTSD and that VA examiner wrote a horrible report.  Will the VA reduce me?  I am P&T 100%, plus I am 60 years old now.  The VA reduced my TBI from 50% to 30%, but they wrote in the reduction will not change my monthly 100% cash benefits.  Will  that happen possible if they reduce my PTSD ?  Thanks, Jim

Jim's Reply:

You can find expert physicians who will complete DBQ's, review medical records and write IMOs over at my VAWatchdog web site. I usually suggest that the veteran wait for a denial before spending the money for an IMO. We have to keep in mind that an IMO is no guarantee of success and there are no refunds if the claim is denied with the IMO. To be honest, claiming OSA as secondary to Meniere's Syndrome is a very long reach and I have doubts about the potential of that claim.

I can't predict what may happen to any reductions of your benefits. I simply don't know the details of all your ratings. I also don't understand why you're filing for OSA if you're already 100% P & T? You have nothing to gain. Once you're at the 100% P & T rating,  I usually advise that we stop filing any further claims unless we know we need to move up to the Special Monthly Compensation (SMC) ratings and you have to be pretty disabled to go there. My advice would be to let sleeping dogs lie and not file any more claims.