100% disabled veteran needs court-appointed attorney


As a 100% Disabled Veteran, am I entitled to a Court Appointed Attorney or a Public Defender? The Magistrate Court Clerk determined that I made too much even though the Judge had stated that I was eligible. I can not afford an attorney, no matter what the clerk says, because I am the sole provider for my family and have numerous bills to pay. As it stands, we live from payday to payday.

Jim's Reply:

No, you are not entitled to free representation for civil matters that include such things as divorce, bankruptcy or criminal offenses. You're a civilian and as such you're responsible for all the usual things that come with being a civilian. In the family court the participants are often allowed to represent themselves and may do a credible job of showing the court why some decisions aren't correct. The court sometimes has limited patience with trying too hard too many times so you'll want to have your story together before you seek a modification. The clerk of court is usually able to provide you with all the documents you need to do it yourself.

PS from Stateside Legal:  Some law school clinics will provide free legal representation to 100% disabled veterans; you may want to check with law schools in your state/community.