100% disability, taking Eligard


Very glad I found you. Currently 100% Final. Prostate cancer, MS, etc. had prostate removed about 8 years ago. PSA returned in 2016 so went thru radiation and then Eligard shots every 3 months for 2 years.  About April 2018 my oncologist recommended and I agreed, to continue with Eligard forever. I’m scheduled for VA reevaluate in January.  Don’t know what to expect. Am I in watchful waiting or is taking Eligard considered as active treatment of cancer. Will/can VA say cancer is in remission and Eligard is not treatment? Thanks for any info you can provide.

Jim's Reply:

I can't provide answers that will make any sense because there are entirely too many variables. VA rates prostate cancer as much by the PSA as anything so if your PSA is low, VA may claim you're in remission. However, as long as you're being treated in any way, it would be reasonable to claim your cancer is active. Wait for the adjudication process to see how VA will respond and prepare to formally appeal if you get a result you aren't happy with.