100% disability rating schedular type


Jim, I was awarded a 100% disability rating schedular type. I have to go through re-exams C&P type every 2 years.
I just went through my second set and submitted medical evidence along with a statement in support of my claim.
In my statement I stated I haven’t worked in last 3 years and had to open a contracting company to have people work for me to earn money. The decision just came back and I was awarded 100% Total and Permanent. No where on the paperwork does it refer to Tdui. Is it safe to say I can seek gainful employment?   I did a job interview in fear that my disability would be dropped. I have an offer coming but don’t want to jeopardize my disability. Basically want to give job a shot to see if my body will allow me to work. Thanks for any insight. Have been told by a friend not to work. Based on refs I read it is allowable and the VA can’t use this against me to reduce my benefit.Thanks again

Jim's Reply:

It sounds as if you have been awarded a 100% schedular disability rating. With that rating you are allowed to work as you wish.