100% disability rating and future exams


Jim: Thanks for all the guidance over the years for me and others. My question: I recently received the rating decision for my active malignancy prostate cancer. I will remain at 100%. This is my 3rd C&P and it went as expected. One statement was in italics immediately following the statement: We determine that the following service connected condition hasn't changed: Prostate Cancer 100%. Then... this statement in italics: An exam will be scheduled at a future date to evaluate the severity of your service connected prostate cancer. Does this mean that I will be scheduled for another C&P...or does it mean they want me to have another biopsy (not doing another invasive procedure, I have had 2)?

Jim's Reply:

Ratings for prostate cancer are almost always temporary rating with future exams scheduled. If you're doing "watchful waiting" you'll probably have any number of future exams, because VA believes everyone will be treated and everyone will be cured. You can't be pushed into any further diagnostic procedures like biopsy though,  so do your best to deal with the inconvenience of the exams.