100% covered by VA medical? Do you still need medicare part B?



My husband is 100% covered under VA Medical. Should we continue to pay for Medicare part B? We are a Triple A member so if we travel we can buy special medical coverage for the trip.




It's a personal choice. I pay for Part B because I like the flexibility it gives me. For example, I didn't care for the VA orthopedic care I was receiving so I used a civilian surgeon with my Part B. I paid a small copay and I was finished with my treatments before VA could even line up my appointment.

My VA primary care guy is pretty good but I don't trust a lot of the specialty care VA offers. So...I'll keep my Part B.

For what it's worth, I get a lot of email from vets who didn't sign up for Part B early on. Now they want it but there are penalties built in for the delayed onset of Part B. It costs more than it would have.


Good luck.