These tools are created for specifically for veterans, service members, and their families. They explain your legal rights in several areas of the law and will help you navigate both the VA and court.


Information on VA benefits, Social Security benefits, how to files claims, and how to appeal denials.

Civil Rights & Immigration

Resources and information on civil rights, immigration, citizenship, and voting rights.

Discharge Upgrades & Military Record Changes

Information on discharge upgrades, military record changes, and VA Character of Discharge Determination.  

Health & Safety

Topics covered include health insurance, medical care & leave, and filing claims based on MST, PTSD, or TBI. 

Housing & Real Estate

Resources and information on topics such as homeownership, landlord/tenant rights, and subsidized housing.

Education & Employment

Topics on education benefits and employment protections including the GI Bill, post military training, and employment rights.

Money & Debt

Resources covering credit and loans, taxes, collections and repossessions, and bankruptcy.

Family Matters

Resources on divorces, child support, adoption, custody, domestic violence, and estate planning.


Learn about criminal law, how a criminal history can impact VA benefits, and how to find help for your criminal case.  


Resources and information on topics such as women's healthcare, domestic violence, and veteran services for women.


Information on health care, discharge upgrades, and various LGBTQ+ resources. 

Jim's Mailbag

Jim's Mailbag is a regular column where veterans, service members, and family members asked Jim Strickland their questions about VA and Social Security disability benefits.

The Rules

How does the 20/20/20 rule work for a couple that was married, divorced, and then remarried?


Is it a lost cause to file a claim for an issue that was triggered by the severe contamination of Subic Bay in the Philippines?

Advocate Resources

These resources are intended for advocates and lawyers alike. They are designed to help you in your work with people who have military experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions about VA Disability Overpayments
Did you receive a VA overpayment letter? If so, these answers to "Frequently Asked Questions about VA Disability Overpayments" can help.
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Frequently Asked Questions about the PACT Act
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the PACT Act. The Act provides eligibility and benefits to veterans exposed to burn pits and toxins during military service.