Will a court appointed conservator impact VA benefits?

Posted on: Tuesday, May 08, 2018
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Will a court appointed conservator impact VA benefits?


Hi there thank you for your time I'm rated 100% t&p I have paranoid schizophrenia I have a conservatorship in place for my benefits I've heard 2 different pieces of advice one is not to remove the conservatorship until I'm 55 because the va will lower my rating I also heard I could remove the conservatorship other veterans do it all the time I'm a little confused because the advice was given by 2 gentlemen who work for the va what's your suggestion.

Jim's Reply

If you have a court appointed conservator who manages your finances, that shouldn't have any effect on your benefits. The VA usually refers to a VA appointed conservator as a fiduciary. If you have a VA appointed fiduciary, it's very doubtful that you'll be able to remove that appointed fiduciary. To be relieved of a VA appointed fiduciary requires that you prove that you're competent and no longer need the protection of a fidu. You may want to speak with a veterans law attorney prior to making any motions to dismiss your fidu.

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