What do I do if I suspect fiduciary abuse of power/veteran compensation?

Posted on: Tuesday, June 05, 2018
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What do I do if I suspect fiduciary abuse of power/veteran compensation?


If suspected fiduciary abuse of power/veteran comp who do i contact? The Hub doesn't do a thing except blow u off and not respond to submitted documentation..who governs these hubs? Its criminal what they are allowed to get away with and veteran suffers.

Jim's Reply

The VA fiduciary appointment program has been one of the more problematic services that VA inflicts upon us. The fidu program management, such as it is, seems to be without any particular chain of command and even criminal acts by fiduciaries often go unreported. Unfortunately, the only real recourse is to formally appeal the appointment of the fiduciary up to the level of the BVA. The veteran has the right to appeal at any time, and the appeal must come from the veteran. The veteran will need to explain in some detail precisely what offenses are alleged and provide reliable evidence. Simply disagreeing with certain decisions and policies does not rise to the level of a criminal complaint and often enough those complaints won't get far.
The veterans very best bet is to find a sympathetic lawyer who may help. However, most veterans are forced to go it alone when battling with a VA fidu. Once the fidu has been appointed they're very hard to be rid of.
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