VA refusing to pay for Emergency care


Dear Jim, I am TDIU. P and T. I was intubated the first 4 weeks of a 3 months hospital stay.  VA says that since I did not call during first 72 hours, they will not pat for any of my bills. Any suggestions for recourse?


Jim's Reply:

You have an uphill battle ahead. I'd suggest that you get in touch with your Congressional Representatives and find the office where the VA liaison seems best equipped to help you. Each Senator or Congressperson will have designated staff to help veterans and it's your job to sort through and find the one who you feel will do the job for you.

Although most agree that the VA is in violation of the intent of Congress, they are still fighting paying these bills

At the same time you're establishing contacts with your Congressional representatives you should touch base with the folks at the NVLSP and see what they have to say.

Good luck!