VA Disability Payments


I’m 100% service connected disabled. If I move from Massachusetts to Florida will the move effect my payments. Thanks in advance.

Jim's Reply:


I'm in Florida and it's one of the more veteran friendly states around. I lived in Massachusetts once and although it was a dynamic and wonderful place to be, nothing compares to the tropical weather here. TBH I couldn't deal with the cold and after 3 winters, I left.

C'mon down, I think there may be room for a couple more vets. Feel free to contact me directly if I can be of any help.

Your VA money can follow you anywhere, no changes whatever. If you bank electronically you don't even need to change the bank where your deposit goes today. At one point my bank was in Louisiana, my home was in Las Vegas and I spent 50% of my time in other states on business travel and I never missed a VA payment.

Most vets don't know that you can live anywhere and VA will remain in touch to help you. Want to live Outside the Continental United States (OCONUS)? Timbuktu? Osaka? Moscow? 

VA is ready to provide services for you anywhere

As you relocate you can continue to draw on the money in your current bank via ATMs. If you choose to switch to a bank closer to your new home, VA makes it pretty simple to change where the deposit goes.

Be prepared for a glitch...this is the VA you're dealing with. Don't change bank accounts until you're settled and could miss a few days of payments...just in case.

Good luck!