VA Caregiver: when is one assigned?

Posted on: Thursday, March 29, 2018
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VA Caregiver: when is one assigned?


My friend’s husband is 100% service disabled and recently told me she is assigned as his caretaker...meaning the VA calls her regularly to follow up on his behavior, condition, and overall health. My husband is 110% disabled, but I have no such assignment. After reading some information here, I am assuming it is due to scheduling. Is there any light you can shed on this matter?

Jim's Reply

Shedding light on the many VA "caregiver" programs is like trying to use a penlight in a subway tunnel. There are maybe 1/2 dozen programs that VA will sometimes call caregiver programs. They each have some of the same components but differ greatly in how they're provided to us.

At one end of the scale is the caregiver program for the veteran who is seriously ill and requires 24 x 7 home care, usually provided to the veteran in a hospital bed or wheelchair. Caregivers who are responsible for that high level of care are often compensated for their time and respite services may be available. At the other end of the scale there are programs where nurses may stop in to check or frequent phones calls are made. The only good news is that VA is working to consolidate these various caregiver programs so they make some sense.





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