VA assistance for survivors after veteran's death

Posted on: Monday, December 02, 2013
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VA assistance for survivors after veteran's death

Mr. Strickland,

I had a dear 100% disabled veteran friend that passed away just a couple a weeks ago. His wife called me last night to see if I could help her file the papers with the VA to continue receiving his disability.

I don’t mind helping her at all, but I don’t know which forms to file. Could you give me some insight on how to help her?

Again as always I really appreciate all the help and support you give to the VETERANS and their families.


My condolences to you and the family of the veteran. We thank you for your efforts to help the veterans family.

Please click here Information and the correct form are there.

The widow (survivor) won't continue receiving his disability pay. She may (or may not) be eligible for DIC payments instead.

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