Twenty states provide in-state tuition rates for veterans

Photo credit: Esther Tuttle. A white woman, in profile, stands wearing a black graduation cap and gown

Student Veterans of America have created a map showing states that grant in-state tuition rates for veterans.  Twenty states mandate the policy while only twelves states have no pending or current legislation to lighten the heavy costs of higher education. 

Receiving the in-state rate is a significant difference from out-of-state. 

For example, Texas is a state that grants veterans in-state tuition.  The University of Texas at Austin has a full time tuition rate for Liberal Arts undergraduates of $4,673 for in-state but $16,211 for out-of-state tuition.  All undergraduate programs differ by at least $10,000 between the less expensive in-state compared to out-of-state rate.

Virginia also provides the in-state tuition rate to veterans.  The University of Virginia has a similar large difference between in-state and out-of-state.  A Virginian student attending the College of Arts and Science pays $5,008 a semester while a non-Virginian pays $18,360.

December 2013