Is there any truth to the rumor about 100% benefits after age 70?

Posted on: Tuesday, April 03, 2018
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Is there any truth to the rumor about 100% benefits after age 70?


I currently receive compensation at 100% for agent orange related prostate cancer. I got a radical prostatectomy in May of 2017.  I continue to suffer from urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction 1. Should i file a separate claim for compensation as a result of erectile dysfunction? 2. Is it true that since i am 72 i will automatically continue to receive compensation at 100%?

Jim's Reply

Yes, you should file a separate claim for ED if that hasn't been addressed. ED is an Special Monthly Compensation benefit (SMC-k) and is paid in addition to other ratings.

No, there isn't any truth to the recent rumors about 100% benefits after age 70...or in your message, age 72. 

Vietnam veterans who are diagnosed with prostate cancer are eligible for a presumptive benefit rating of 100%. This is a temporary benefit and lasts until the veteran has been treated for the cancer. After treatment it's assumed the cancer is gone and the veteran is then rated for the residual effects of the treatment, usually frequency of voiding and uncontrolled voiding and leakage of urine. Erectile dysfunction is a common result of surgery and/or radiation therapy. After a recuperative period the veteran will be scheduled for a C & P exam and the final rating will be determined by how severe the urinary issues have become. Most veterans will use absorbent pads and that will roughly equate to the ratings...use of 4 pads per day will often get a 40% rating, 6 or more pads will receive the upper limit 60% rating. The rating you receive at that point will be the permanent rating no matter your age.

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