Temporary ratings

Posted on: Thursday, August 25, 2016
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Temporary ratings

Jim: Hello, I was awarded a 80% rate in April 2012 and then on September of the same year I got a letter saying even tho I was rated 80% they would pay me at 100% because one of my claims was not a final decision...reading the comments below I would assume I have a schedule 100 rating? this is very confusing to me..my main question is...how long will I stay with this temporary rating and do people on temporary 100 % normally get brought down to their initial rating often..the condition I have in question is actually not improving at all but I didn't know how all of this works...thanks for the help.

Jim's Reply: It sounds very much like you have a temporary 100% TDIU (Individual Unemployability) benefit. If you were rated at 80% and being paid at 100%, it's a pretty sure bet you have a TDIU 100% rating, not a schedular 100% rating.

This means you will have a "future exam", often as long as 5 years after the initial rating. Your original award letter may make mention of a future exam.

Veterans often keep the temproary 100% TDIU rating for years. During a future exam the examiner may then talk about whether the condition is likely to improve. If it's determined that measurable or sustained improvement is unlikely, the veteran may then be rated at permanently and totally disabled (P&T). A P&T rating may be either a 100% schedular or a 100% TDIU rating, there's very little difference.


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