TDIU rumors


I am receiving a 70% rating for PTSD but am collecting at 100% under TDIU. Would it benefit me to try to receive 100% schedular rating because I heard rumors of discontinuing TDIU?  Also, if I was able to get a schedular rating, would both my TDIU time and schedular time count towards my 10 years of benefits for my spouse?

Jim's Reply:

Trying to get a 100% schedular rating when you already have a 100% TDIU rating is a hopeless task. It sets you up for a complete review and some vets lose the 100% TDIU rating and end up with their underlying rating, if that.

Although there are tons of rumors about TDIU benefits being stripped away, there is actually no effort being made to take away your TDIU benefit. None. It's all rumor. If any changes were to come in the future those changes wouldn't affect'd be grandfathered in and changes would only affect future veterans.