Military Sexual Trauma

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Was your MST-Related VA Benefit Claim Denied? Learn about Special Review Process

How to get your previously denied VA Compensation claim reviewed.

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Military Sexual Trauma Resources for Women

Military Sexual Trauma ( MST) is sexual assault or repeated, threatening sexual harassment that occurred while the veteran was in the military.

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Getting Treatment for MST

Free VA medical help for victims of MST is improving. Find out where to start.

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How to File a Well-Prepared MST Claim

Military sexual trauma ( MST) is sexual harassment that is threatening or physical assault of a sexual nature. Both men and women serving in the military can suffer from MST. It is important to file your claim as soon as you can. When a claim is awarded, the compensation is calculated back to the date you filed your claim.
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Sexual Assault in the Military: Where to Get Help

As the media focus on this issue intensifies,  the military - and others - have ramped up their efforts to create safe places for victims to turn.  Here are links to the resources we have found. 

Safe Helpline: Sexual Assault Support for the DoD Community

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Filing for VA Disability Related to Personal Assault or MST: VA Form 21-0781A

If you are filing for a Military Sexual Trauma ( MST)-related PTSD VA Disability Compensation claim, you should file VA Form 21-0781A

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VA Policy Memo on Military Sexual Trauma 2011

VBA Letter 20-11-23 emphasizes training protocols for VARO staff involved in disability claims related to military sexual trauma [ MST].

It also states that claims examiners must: