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Incarcerated Veterans Re-Entry Guide

The VA has provided Handbooks for Incarcerated Veterans for each individual state. 

Handbooks for Incarcerated Veterans

The information will guide a veteran through the process of being incarcerated and their release.


Last updated May 2018

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How Does the Affordable Care Act (ACA)/Obamacare Affect Your Military/Veteran Healthcare?

The ACA will not affect the quality or cost of care provided for VA healthcare patients or people covered under TRICARE. Eligibility for TRICARE for Life has opened up and there has been some non-ACA related changes in coverage of adult children.
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Ischemic Heart Disease/Coronary Artery Disease and Agent Orange

Ischemic Heart Disease/Coronary Artery Disease is a presumptive condition of Agent Orange. IHD/CAD is a heart problem where arteries build up plaque, restricting oxygen flow in the blood which can cause a heart attack. If you served in Vietnam, military service is presumed to cause your IHP/CAD so you don't need evidence to file a disability claim.

Promoting Legal Services within VA Facilities

Find a program near you. Volunteer or use these programs as models to start your own VA-facility-based legal clinic.
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Sexual Assault in the Military: Where to Get Help

As the media focus on this issue intensifies,  the military - and others - have ramped up their efforts to create safe places for victims to turn.  Here are links to the resources we have found. 

Safe Helpline: Sexual Assault Support for the DoD Community

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PTSD and the Legal System

This guide will help you manage the possible symptoms triggered by the stress of the legal system with planning, coping strategies, and resources.
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Filing for VA Disability Related to Personal Assault or MST: VA Form 21-0781A

If you are filing for a Military Sexual Trauma ( MST)-related PTSD VA Disability Compensation claim, you should file VA Form 21-0781A

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Legal Needs Check-up Tool - Interactive Interview

Try our checklist to find legal information and where to get help with your legal issue.

Benefits / Financial Resources - Overview

If you are struggling financially, you can benefit from learning about income supports provided by the VA and DoD, as well as needs-based benefits available to the general public.

Examples of VA and DoD benefits:

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VA Policy Memo on Military Sexual Trauma 2011

VBA Letter 20-11-23 emphasizes training protocols for VARO staff involved in disability claims related to military sexual trauma [ MST].

It also states that claims examiners must: