SSDI decisions


Hi Jim I'm at 90% and permanent unemployablity through the VA.  I recently received aid and attendance as my spouse is my care giver. I have a Social Security attorney and filed for SSDI since September 2019 it is such a waiting game.  What do you think social security will do from here. They have all my medical records from VA since January . how long on average will I wait for a decision?

Jim's Reply:

I wish I could answer your question....I really can't. Some people get a positive decision soon after filing, others will wait years and go through a number of appeals. The SSDI system is greatly different than the VA system so some people who have VA disability aren't eligible for SSDI. Regional quirks can make a difference too...each area is different with differing timelines and so on. We'll have our fingers crossed that yours comes sooner than later.