Service Connection to diabetes?


Yes, sir, I am always thankful for my service connected benefit.  I was in the Navy and spent all my time at sea and also all my time overseas. (1971 to 1973).  I am a diabetic: would my service time and overseas duty be connected to that, if iI may ask?  If so,  how would I address this? Thank you

Jim's Reply:

I can't tell you whether or not your diagnosis of diabetes would be service connected or not. Many of us will develop diabetes as we age and that usually isn't service connected, it's just mother nature. Some veterans develop diabetes that is thought to have been caused or contributed to by exposure to hazardous substances like agent orange while we served.

If you believe that your diabetes or any other condition was caused by your military service, you have the right to file a claim for disability compensation at any time after service. Click