Veterans Medical-Legal Partnership Collective

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Welcome to the Veterans Medical-Legal Partnership (MLP) Collective page. Our goal is to help legal services programs and healthcare organizations launch, grow and expand MLPs at healthcare settings that treat veterans by providing a platform to share best practices and materials and a space to discuss case and program strategies and innovation. Whether you are a legal services provider, healthcare provider, VA affiliated, or non-VA affiliated, this space is for you. The materials shared on this site have been collected from MLPs serving veterans across the country to encourage legal services programs and healthcare organizations to start or grow MLPs and to foster national collaboration.

What is Medical-Legal Partnership (MLP)?

Medical-legal partnership is a service delivery model that integrates the expertise of healthcare, public health, and legal professionals to address and prevent health-harming social and civil legal needs of a particular patient population at a hospital or healthcare clinic.

Learn more about medical-legal partnerships at National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership.

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