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Where do I get legal advice on what disablity program to apply for?

If you think you may be eligible for more than one benefit, we encourage you to begin with a private lawyer who has a military or federal administrative law background and who is familiar with the DoD benefit system.  Unless you qualify for pro bono (free) legal help, you will need to pay for this advice.

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Can I Sue the United States if I am Injured while on Active-Duty?

The law about suing the United States government is complicated. It is even more complicated for people in the United States military. Here is a basic explanation about why active-duty service members CANNOT sue the United States Government if they are injured.
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Loss-Mitigation FAQs for Veterans and Servicemembers

Loss-mitigation refers to the methods that are used by lenders to avoid having to foreclose on your home. The VA encourages its lenders to use several different loss-mitigation techniques by paying a lender for each method tried. The main goal of all of these techniques is to keep you in your home for as long as possible.
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Conversation with Veteran Advocate Jim Strickland on Legal Talk Network

Listen to podcast.

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A Servicemember's Guide to Housing

There are two different options for military housing available for servicemembers with families. The first option is Military Family Housing (MFH). The second option is Military Housing Privatization Initiative (MHPI).
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VA Home Loans: Getting Help if You Can't Pay

Loss-mitigation refers to several different methods that are used by lenders to help you avoid losing your home prior to and during the foreclosure process. The VA provides strong incentives for lenders under the Loan Guarantee Program to work with you to avoid foreclosure. In addition, the VA has specialized loan representatives who can help you work with your lender to resolve problems.

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Don't Leave Money on the Table

Find out about financial support programs you may qualify to receive.
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Interactive Form - Motion to Void Default Judgment

The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) provides important protections if you are sued while on active duty.
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Lawyer 2 Lawyer: Legal Issues Facing Our Veterans

After our veterans return from combat or active duty, they can face a host of legal issues upon returning to the reality of home. But there is help for these individuals and the legal community is making strides in assisting our veterans in these legal disputes.
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Internal VBA Systems Access for Claimant and Appellant Representatives

The Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) has developed procedures to allow individuals access to VA information systems online.

Online access will only be granted for individuals: