VA Disability - Step 1: File your claim

When should I file my Claim?

File your claim as soon as possible after you decide that you might qualify for benefits. In 2015 the VA made changes to how you file a claim. You must use the right forms to start your VA Claim.  You will also need to send any supporting statements along with the right forms. This page will discuss the two ways to submit your claim.

Unemployment Compensation for Spouses who Quit Work Because of Military Spouse Transfers

What is Unemployment Compensation?

Each State runs an Unemployment Compensation (UC) program for people who have lost their jobs. Eligible unemployed workers get weekly checks and can qualify for other work-related benefits.

Unemployment Compensation for Ex-Servicemembers [UCX Program]

What is the UCX Program?

By federal law, certain members of the military can get Unemployment Compensation based on their active duty service. This is sometimes called the “UCX Program.”   It provides weekly income to servicemembers as they look for work, including those who can find only part-time work.

Military Disability Retirement and Severance Pay

Individuals who are separated from military service for medical reasons may be eligible for either military disability retirement benefits or a one-time severance payment.  The benefit was created to help service members who had to give up their military careers for medical reasons.

Energy Assistance

Each state runs a program that helps households with low incomes buy fuel for heating or cooling.  Often the same agency will help with things like weatherization and applicance replacement.  More states are now creating their own programs for making homes more energy efficient.  And the federal government is offering tax credits toward the same goals. 

DoD Disability Compensation and Severance

The Department of Defense provides two types of disability compensation: Permanent Disability Reitrement and Temporary Disability Retirement. They also provide something known as Disaiblity Severance Pay.

A. Permanent Disability

Permanent disability is available for individuals:

Can I Receive Payments From the DoD and the VA for the Same Disability?

In short, probably not. The two programs usually offset each other. Thus, you may generally only receive benefits from one program. However, for some veterans there are exceptions.