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Legal Needs Check-up Tool - Interactive Interview

Try our checklist to find legal information and where to get help with your legal issue.
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Cómo: apelar el rechazo de sus beneficios de veterano ante el Tribunal de Apelaciones para las Reclamaciones de Veteranos de los Estados Unidos

This guide in English

Elpropósito de este salón de clases es ayudarlo con su proceso de apelación de una resolución de la Junta de Apelaciones de Veteranos (BVA) que rechaza su reclamación de beneficios del VA. Esperamos que esto lo haga sentirse más seguro sobre cómo lidiar con el sistema legal.

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Veterans Consortium Pro Bono Program Logo - a blue star and red text on a gray background

Get free appeal help to the CAVC from the Veterans Consortium

Help with Discharge Upgrades and VA benefit denials from the BVA (a high-level appeal).

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The American Veterans and Servicemembers Survival Guide

This detailed 600 page Veterans and Servicemembers Survival Guide was originally developed by Veterans for America and is now made available free of charge by the National Veterans Legal Services Program on their website. It was published in 2009 so more recent changes will not be included.
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Don't Leave Money on the Table: Tax Credits and Public Benefits

Are you getting all of the tax credits and benefits you qualify for? Use our checklist to find out.
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VA Pension Benefits

This is a monthly VA benefit for low-income wartime veterans. There are two main types of VA pension benefits: (1) basic pension, and (2) special monthly pension.
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Benefits at Separation Chart

Many benefits are available to veterans upon separation from the military. However, some benefits may not be available if a veteran has received "bad paper." "Bad paper" is a discharge status that is an other than honorable discharge, a bad conduct discharge, or a dishonorable discharge.

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Veterans Affairs Supported Housing (HUD-VASH)


Veterans Affairs Supported Housing (HUD-VASH) is a collaborative program between the VA and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development that helps homeless veterans find housing, pay rent, and obtain access to health care services.

Physical Disability Review Board

A disabled veteran may be eligible for military disability benefits, Social Security Disability benefits and VA disability benefits. Read information about the differences here.

Can I get both Social Security Disability Benefits and VA or DoD benefits?

Generally speaking, medical history is the single most important factor in receiving benefits under SSDI. Therefore, all of your VA medical records and military records can play an important role in proving to the SSA that you qualify for SSDI.