Interactive Form - Request for Increased VA Benefit Rating

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Interactive Form - Request for Increased VA Benefit Rating

This letter packet is for veteran’s that already have a VA benefit rating and want to request that it be increased. 

Letter Requesting VA Beneit Increase

Law You Should Know
A rating is made to reflect the level of disability at the moment of the decision. The rating does not reflect past or future symptoms. Asking for an increase for an existing benefit rating carries hazards. You must be aware of the risk that VA will examine your file to look for a way to lower your rating.

To lower your benefit rating the VA must show that there has been a measurable improvement to your condition. 

Before Requesting an Increased Rating - Determine if you meet the standards for the increase before you ask for the increased rating.  You can do this by studying The Schedule for Rating Disabilities.

Compare what you find in the Schedule to the symptoms of your own condition and decide if your rating should be increased. After you have decided that your rating should be increased then you must look at the evidence that you'll rely on to determine if you have enough to reasonably prove your case. 

What does this form do?
This packet helps a former servicemember create a letter to request an increased rating of an existing benefit from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). 

This is an easy-to-use interactive form. The program will create a letter and instructions. All you need to do is:

  1. Answer a few simple questions.
  2. Print out your form (letter and instructions).
  3. Proofread and sign it.
  4. Make copies for your own records.
  5. Send the original to your Regional Department of Veterans Affairs Office. Click here for a list of Regional Offices by state.
  6. Send this letter and all other letters to the VA, by registered mail with a return receipt request.

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Resource Date: September 2014