How to Start a Legal Clinic: Clinic in a Box

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How to Start a Legal Clinic: Clinic in a Box

Texas Lawyers for Texas Veterans is a project of the State Bar of Texas. TLTV specializes in assisting attorneys who wish to volunteer their time helping low income veterans. Primarily, it offers information and tools for starting up volunteer legal clinics for veterans. TLTV hosts a “legal clinic in a box; ” this includes training materials, as well as an inventory of all the materials you'll need to run a successful clinic - from VA forms to hand sanitizer.

Clinic in a Box

Local bar associations can request a free “Clinic in a Box,” which contains everything an organization needs to host a veterans’ legal clinic — forms, folders, signs, office supplies, etc.

Clinic in a Box Contents [PDF]

To download the Clinic in a Box Printed Materials:


To request a complete Clinic in a Box or to learn more about starting a clinic, email Lindsey Ratcliff at, (800) 204-2222, ext. 1517.

TLTV’s website is a clearinghouse for Texas attorneys looking to volunteer their services for low income veterans. In addition to the clinic in a box, the website offers information on partnering with a local bar association to mobilize attorneys, educational materials including CLE webinars, and much more. While some resources are specific to Texas, the breadth of what TLVT offers will support advocates throughout the nation:

Texas Lawyers for Texas Veterans’ Resources for Attorneys

June 2013