How to find an attorney who can help me file my claim?

Posted on: Wednesday, April 11, 2018
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How to find an attorney who can help me file my claim?


Hello thank you in advance. The reason I do not ask my rep anything is because, although she seemed supportive she agressively asked me why I did not attend any doctors appointments suring my initial filing that the VA requested me to do....I told her honeslty the mocing around thing was and still is an issue and I never received any letters Having PTSD, TBI and trying to be a mom is so difficult at times I do not leave my residence or my bed.

So I guess my question is, Who in Orange County can I trust to help me finish with my appeal that has been remanded back to the RO and help me with my next claim to file for TBI?

Jim's Reply

Your best bet is to look through the NOVA site and choose the attorney you think best for you. Click the link to see NOVA members located near you.



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