How to Apply for a Discharge Upgrade

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How to Apply for a Discharge Upgrade

The Discharge Upgrade classroom helps veterans learn how to apply for a discharge upgrade, which can help veterans with less-than-Honorable discharges access important benefits, services, and care.

The classroom walks veterans or their advocates through the application process for a discharge upgrade. You should use this classroom if you were discharged from the military with a less-than-Honorable discharge and wish to apply to access VA benefits, services, and care.

The VA recently made it easier for veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) to get an upgrade. If you were discharged for disciplinary reasons, it may be worth going to a doctor, psychologist, or therapist to see if either PTSD or TBI contributed to your discharge. If you previously applied for a discharge upgrade and were denied, you can be reconsidered under the new, easier standards. You can still apply for a discharge upgrade if you do not have PTSD or TBI.

This classroom was prepared on behalf of Pine Tree Legal Assistance by Sam Davis, Catherine McCarthy, Derek Mraz, and West Resendes, law student interns in the Yale Law School Veterans Legal Services Clinic, under the supervision of Aaron Wenzloff, the Robert M. Cover Clinical Teaching Fellow.

April 2018