Flat feet and back problems

Posted on: Wednesday, February 03, 2016
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Flat feet and back problems

Jim: I enlisted in Jun 74 and was honorably discharged in 10/81. I currently have a 10% disability for the ringing in my ears. The ringing has been there since, but did not file a claim until 6/14. When I was getting my medical records together the DAV worker noticed that at my ETS medical review revealed "flat feet" was noted. A claim was filed. Approximately 1 1/2 years ago I underwent a decompression lumber laminectomy as I was previously 6'2" and was then just 6'1". My legs were in terrible shape. I was unable to stand or walk. After surgery my legs are very weak and my balance isn't very good, when going from a sitting to standing position. My question was the flat feet condition have any relationship to my back surgery?

Reply: There probably isn't any relationship between flat feet and your back problems. If you would like to pursue such a claim, your first step will be to obtain an Independent medical Opinion for an expert physician. If the expert physician agrees that it is more likely than not that there is a cause and effect relationship between your feet and your back, you may then have a well grounded claim.

Otherwise...I think it's a reach.


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