To file, or not?


Hi, I have Social Security disability I am 63 and retired USAF. I have talked to friends and they say I should not submit for service related (left back, left hip, left knee full tear and put in cast, everything, injured left ankle as well). I was on flying status with noise, headsets I have hearing hearing issues as well. What should I do? Will the VA just pass on this? Thanks for your service, I am a Vietnam vet as well. Thank you helping everyone

Jim's Reply:

I don't know why anyone would tell you to avoid seeking the monetary compensation benefits you earned? I'd probably be looking for some new friends were I you.

You earned the benefits but you have to apply for them and since this is a federal government program there are hoops to jump through. Filing for VA benefits can be an exercise in frustration until you get it sorted out but once you've filed and are awarded the benefits you earned, all the work is worthwhile.

If you have tinnitus and hearing loss and you were on a flight line, there is a reason your ears are a problem and there is compensation for that. If your back, hip and knee were injured and problematic today, file for it.

You may not win everything you file for but I can make one single promise...the benefit you don't file a claim for is the one you will never receive.