Do I need to seek therapy for PTSD if I am only rated 30%?

Posted on: Thursday, May 03, 2018
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Do I need to seek therapy for PTSD if I am only rated 30%?


My question is similar to the one that I just read on the website where you had a veteran that had 100% disability for PTSD. I just got approved today at 30% for PTSD. I will be 55 years old in Sept 2018.

My veteran service rep I filed the claim through told me I need to go to counseling to show the VA I am seeking treatment because if they don’t see the seeking treatment they could take it away. I’ve also read an article where veterans don’t want to go seek treatment for PTSD because they are afraid  if the VA says their cured and get reevaluated they could lose the income that they depend on.

Reading your article of the person with 100% disability suggests that I need to  go seek counseling to show the VA that I have an issue.

But I wanted to pay finer point on your opinion because in the case of the person you answer the question before that had 100%, and in your reply you specifically said this is about someone with 100% disability. I was wondering if getting only 30% made some type of a difference or if the VA’s standards are still the same, but if you don’t go, they may think you’re cured and there’s nothing wrong with you and take your benefit away.


Jim's Reply

You're correct. The 100% rating for PTSD or any other mental health condition is usually a temporary rating. That means that future exams are scheduled every now and then to see if there have been improvements. If improvements in the condition are noted at a future exam, the VA may propose to lower the rating to meet the level of improvement in function. Ratings of 30% (anything less than 100%) aren't temporary ratings, they're permanent since no future exam is scheduled. This can get really complex if the 30% mental health rating is a part of an overall 100% rating but we'll make it easy and assume there's only a 30% rating for PTSD. The bottom line is that you don't have to get treatment to maintain the 30% rating.  Then again, do you need some therapy? Go for it!

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