I got married to a service member and he was unfaithful to me. He called our marriage off 6 months in and I began speaking to a military counselor who told me that I should have been getting a certain amount of money sent home from my spouse to pay for my living expenses. I didn’t receive the payments they told me about. So upon filing for divorce I put that in my papers as a request. He refused to sign the papers and says he will not pay a dime. He won’t sign papers unless I ask for nothing and won’t send papers himself. What do I do?


Jim's Reply:

Are you actually filing for divorce? If you haven't filed for divorce, that has to be done. When you file for divorce it isn't anticipated he would agree with you, that's what the court is for...to settle the differences you're talking about.

The court will tell you both who will owe what to who. So, "What do I do?" You go through the entire process and let the court sort this out.