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Current Website Advisors

David Addlestone:  A  Vietnam-era judge advocate, public defender, and senior staff attorney with the Lawyers Military Defense Committee in Vietnam, he later directed, or was co-director, of several non-profit organizations specializing in military & veterans law, including the National Veterans Legal Services Program. He has co-authored numerous articles and books on military & veterans law, including the American Veterans and Servicemembers Survival Guide, of which he was the co-manager, co-editor, and contributing writer.

Patricia Apy:  A partner with the New Jersey law firm of Paras, Apy & Reiss, her practice is primarily focused on international and interstate family law.  She is a former member of the American Bar Association's LAMP committee and remains active as a consultant and guest faculty member on issues related to family law and the military.

Michael S. Archer:  A a retired Judge Advocate of the U.S. Marine Corps, Mr. Archer is currently a Department of Defense civilian employee serving as the Director of Legal Assistance for Marine Corps Installations East.  He has published numerous articles concerning military and consumer law and is the author of "Ripped off! A Servicemember's Guide to Common Scams, Frauds and Bad Deals."

Major Peter Black:  Currently a full-time JAG officer with the US Army National Guard, stationed at Camp Keyes in Augusta Maine, with 20 years of private bar experience.

Judy Donegan: Serves as a staff attorney for The Veterans’ Consortium, a national nonprofit providing free legal services to unrepresented veterans, their families, and caregivers who have filed appeals at the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans’ Claims (CAVC). Judy also assists in recruiting and training attorneys in the field of veterans’ law. She serves as a mentor to new attorneys, law students, and staff. She is working as part of a team conducting case evaluation and placement, striving to ensure no veteran goes unrepresented at the CAVC. As a seasoned veterans’ attorney, Judy has spent the last decade representing U.S. military veterans before the CAVC, the Board of Veterans’ Appeals (BVA), and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA). She has been a sustaining member of the National Organization of Veterans’ Advocates (NOVA) since 2007, and prior to working in the veterans’ law area, she was involved in general private practice in Michigan. Judy was admitted to the Michigan Bar in 1994.

The Veterans Consortium Pro Bono Program (Pro Bono Program) was established in 1992. Continue here to find out if you are eligible for Pro Bono Program help.

Roy Driver: A Vietnam era veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard, Mr. Driver  became the team leader of the first Vet Center in Hartford, CT in 1980; he continued to work within Vet Centers in CT and ME until his retirement in 2013.  A local and national leader on the needs of homeless veterans, Mr. Driver now serves on several advisory boards including Embrace a Vet and the Goodwill Industries Veterans Fund.

Drew Early: A West Point graduate who served in the U.S. Army for 20 years and a cum laude  graduate of Georgia State University's College of Law, Mr. Early's legal practice at Lynch & Shewmaker LLC in Atlanta GA focuses on elder law and veterans legal issues.

Hon. Joseph Field:  A retired Commander in the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve, Judge Field practiced law in private practice in Maine before his appointment to the bench in 1990.  He is currently serving as an active retired judge with the Maine District Court.

Paul Freese:   Paul Freese is Vice President of Public Counsel. He serves as Special Adviser on Veterans Advocacy to the ABA Commission on Homelessness & Poverty,  and served as Chair of the ABA Coordinating Committee on Veterans Benefits and Services.  

Jed French: Currently a shareholder in the law firm of Powers & French in Freeport, Maine, he also serves as a JAG officer with the rank of Colonel with the Air Force Reserve in New Hampshire. Mr. French also serves as a trainer for JAG officers and private attorneys.

Nancy Kaczor:  A  retired Air Force colonel who served on the VA Advisory Committee on Women Veterans and remains  very involved in veteran activities in Wisconsin.

Stephen Lynch: A retired Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Air Force, Mr. Lynch now serves as a legal assistance attorney for U.S. Coast Guard members in the Ninth District of Ohio and as a trainer on military law for military legal assistance attorneys and civil legal aid providers on a national and local basis.

James Munch: A partner at Vafiades, Brountas & Kominsky,  Mr. Munch helped establish and continues to support the Maine Infantry Foundation.

Terry Moore: A retired Air Force lieutenant colonel, Ms. Moore is a forceful advocate for women who serve in the military. Her past service includes chairing the Maine Advisory Commission on Women Veterans  and serving as a member of the VA Center for Women Veterans' Advisory Committee on Women Veterans.

Sandra Montrose Olivier: An attorney who, until her retirement,  worked for 17 years at the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.

Jim Strickland:  Jim is a Vietnam era Army veteran and nationally recognized expert on VA disability benefits. Jim writes extensively about VA and Social Security disability benefits. His goal is to educate veterans and their dependents to understand how to work productively with VA. He is the editor and webmaster of the popular VAWatchdog dot Org web site. Jim fields a steady stream of email questions from veterans around the world in his "Jim's Mailbag" column.

Mark Sullivan: A North Carolina attorney with his own firm, Mr. Sullivan is the author of The Military Divorce Handbook: A Practical Guide to Representing Military Personnel and Their Families and A Judge's Guide to the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act.

Dr. Shirley Weaver: Affiliated with the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine, Dr. Weaver is a United States Air Force veteran from the Vietnam era who is actively involved in a national work group helping rural health providers improve care for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, with a special focus on undiagnosed traumatic brain injury and PTSD.

Marshal Willick: Principal of the Willick Law Group, an A/V rated Family Law firm in Las Vegas, Nevada, Mr. Willick practices in trial and appellate family law and is a recognized national expert on military pension matters and other issues related to divorce of service members. He serves on the Board of Directors for the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada.

 March 2017