Choice of Place - Treatment at VA facility

Posted on: Thursday, March 08, 2012
Choice of Place - Treatment at VA facility


Can you please let me know or point me in the right direction about this question:

In 2008 I started treatment and medication that my home VA did not offer and was forced to travel to another Va farther from my home. In the last 3 years I have seen the same Dr there and have a built a trust where she know the in's @ out's and up's and down's of my life and the struggles and problems that go with it.

Now here in 2012 my home Va has began this service but I guess my question is can the VA make/force/require me to switch to another DR who knows nothing about me and I have to crawl back in my shell and go through the trust process all over again and lose what I feel I have gained since 2008. I feel the only reason they are doing this is not my well being it is the few extra dollars in travel they pay.

Sorry about venting, it just seems when I get my life on the right path the VA wants to knock me back down again.

As always Jim thanks for your help & service .....GOD BLESS


I hear what you're saying. But...keep in mind that it isn't personal. It isn't about you, it's about policy and change. To the VA it's perfectly reasonable that they send you to the service closest to you. This isn't about the budget or a few me, VA isn't counting pennies with you as a target. Keep in mind that other people would be happy to have the service closer so they wouldn't have to travel so far.

You are usually allowed to choose the VA facility where you want to receive your treatments. Ask your current provider if he/she will make an accommodation request to allow you to continue receiving treatment like always. The provider sometimes has the authority to do that. Unless there is a reason that VA must send you to a facility other than the one closest to you, you will receive travel allowances that equal the travel to your nearest facility. Any extra expense will be yours to pay.

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