The hospital accepts medicare but refused to accept CHAMP VA - what can be done legally?


Jim's Reply:

I'd like for you to call them at (423) 408-7400  Tell them that you are under the impression that all hospitals that accept Medicare will also accept CHAMPVA.

Wait for an answer and then if they say they will not accept CHAMPVA let them know you're in touch with the press and a reporter wants to write a story about how they won't accept insurance for disabled veterans families. They will quickly put you in contact with a higher authority. Be sure to be 100% courteous, make notes of names and such as you do this so I'll know who to call if you are denied.

Email me at after and let me know the outcome.

I ask you to do this because I'm guessing someone made a mistake to tell you that CHAMPVA wouldn't be accepted. Hospitals today are happy to get any payment at all and CHAMPVA is a reliable payer. I'll look forward to hearing from you.