C & P Exams

Posted on: Tuesday, May 08, 2018
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C & P Exams


Is it true the VA has passed a new rule saying a C&P exam results will not be given any weight until after a decision is made.
This rule is to keep C&P examiners safe and free from retaliation from "Crazed" Veterans?

Jim's Reply

That's a new one on me. On the face of it it doesn't make any sense. How could the decision be made without the C & P exam? Although I'm aware of plenty of veterans who are angry about some C & P reports, I don't know of any threats that have been carried out or C & P examiners who are fearful of the veterans they examine. The fact is that the C & P examiner doesn't make the decision, the examiner is a small cog in a large wheel. Decisions are made in a regional office, maybe one nearby, maybe across the country. If we don't like the decision, we appeal. It's easier to appeal than to get angry.

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