BVA Decision


Jim, About 7 years ago, I asked you for advice on whether or not I should try to pursue a better rating after the VA granted me a 90 percent rating. In short, I explained my circumstances and you then suggested that I should definitely appeal that award and push for 100%! I did and after almost 7 years, it appears that I may have won my case!!! I checked my appeals progress today on and saw that the status changed from “A BVA judge is preparing to make a decision on you appeal” to “The board of veterans appeals has made a decision on your appeal. Here’s an overview: Granted The judge granted the following issue •The judge granted 100% rating for individual unemployability””. That’s exactly how it is worded and typed out and the word “Granted” is in Bold letters highlighted in green, unlike the previous decisions that were highlighted in yellow when the decisions were remanded back to the RO or when they denied the claim.

I’m pretty sure this is a good sign, but it’s killing me to not know for sure. If you’re able to give me any kind of certainty, I would greatly appreciate it. Although I have a very good feeling about this, I do know this is, however, The Department of Veterans Affairs lol! As I’ve witnessed in my past encounters, it’s very easy for things to seem like something they’re not! Do you think this was a good update, and do you think this could mean what I’ve been hoping for the last 7 years? Did I finally win my case?? Either way, if the news Is great news and you think I won my case, or if it isn’t good and is not so great, I’d still love to hear your input! This is killing me haha! 7 years and now I’m accustomed to preparing myself for a let down because of every other let down! I don’t want to let myself get my hopes up too much! Over the years of following you, I’ve learned that if anyone is going to have a potential explanation to something in regards to this process, it’s you! Please help! Thanks Jim!

Jim's Reply:

I can't help but interpret, "The judge granted 100% rating for individual unemployability", as being exactly what it says. Good on you! Let me know when the check is deposited.