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For a veteran to file a claim, or “intend to file” a claim, there are only a few very basic requirements. It must be in writing. Sounds odd, but it can be written on anything, but it must be a written statement. In fact, I’ve seen ones scribbled on top of a phonebook page that was accepted.... more

Author: Neil Riley

The VA is divided into different departments that that are independent from each other and have their own unique focuses. This video quickly explains the separation and how it affects veterans and their advocates.

... more

Author: Rob Liscord

It seems like we have to say out loud that condoning prostitution and human trafficking does universally impact individuals' attitudes about fellow human beings, particularly women and children, who are the most vulnerable targets of these criminal activities.

Military personnel's... more

Author: Terry Moore

On December 20, 2012 the VA, IRS and SSA announced that they would begin coordinating income reporting to eliminate the need for the VA’s annual income report (Eligibility Verification Report or EVR). This is a great opportunity to reduce the burden on Veterans and their families to submit this... more

Author: Rob Liscord

Those who served in Vietnam and have PTSD have been victimized by the government, particularly by the Army, in various ways.  Two of the most damaging ways that has happened have been to classify veterans with PTSD symptoms as having not PTSD but a personality disorder, or, worse yet, by giving... more

Author: Francis Jackson