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I spoke with Kayla Williams and Brian McGough for about an hour on March 10, 2014.  I've made my questions bold to allow you to skim through the interview.  Topics discussed include:  women in the military, the Iraq War, sexual harassment, PTSD, reintegration,... more

Author: Andrew Lewczuk

Each veteran’s military service is a unique experience as is their journey with the Veterans’ Administration (VA). Listening to others’ VA experiences can be helpful, but be aware that “barracks counseling” may steer you away from vital steps that could positively... more

Author: Terry Moore

The blowback from the public's outrage about the unchecked pervasiveness of sexual assault and rape in our military continues with rigorous, impassioned Senate discussions this week focused on historical military justice and command reform.  Unprecedented changes are expected to make it into the... more

Author: Terry Moore

So what about the recent VA Fast Letter regarding the incentive program around Fully Developed Claims for disability compensation? Should veterans jump or not? One question I’ve heard is how the veteran is supposed to access his/her service record. Even as experienced advocates, this is a... more

Author: Neil Riley

At some point when you begin working within the VA benefits system, you will do a double take when a veteran brings you a decision that says their combined disability rating is 50% but there are 2 disabilities listed at 30% each. You will correctly assume that 30+30=60, but with “VA math,” this... more

Author: Neil Riley