BCD discharge upgrade


Dear Sir, I was discharged from US Army by a BCD General Court Martial Court. I took a 13 year pretrial agreement and when I went to court, the judge was sick and they had a judge who disallowed any pretrial agreement and my lawyer told me to wait on other judge, but I said no. I was facing 65 year at hard labor at Ft. Leavenworth, KS. The judge read my file and, long story short, sentenced me to 6 mos and BCD discharge. Lawyer came to stockade few days later and toud me they had my case set up to where if I beat the case, they had enough charges to file again. How should I go about getting my discharge upgraded?  I have a VA Medical Card because I had one honorable discharge before my second enlistment . How would I go about trying to get a discharge to get VA Comp but need files from my second enlistment and problems I have since then. I have medical statement from VA doctor saying I have PTSD .

Jim's Reply:

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