Apportionment process


Can I get the VA to automatically deduct my alimony payment from my ex retired disabled veterans pay? He tried to leave me with nothing after 20 years and now has missed a payment. I have no way in getting in contact with him. He's in Oklahoma and I'm in Pennsylvania. He filed for divorce and it was finalized in Texas. Please help as I am taking care of my disabled parents.

Jim's Reply:


Yes, there is an opportunity for you to receive some money through the apportionment process.  You'll need to complete this form and mail it, using certified mail with return receipt request, to:

V A Claims Intake Center
PO BOX 4444

53547- 4444

As you complete the form be sure to stick to the facts, keep it as simple as you can and provide all the evidence to show he is in arrears. VA will contact him and require him to complete a similar form. In time (usually 6 to 8 weeks) VA will collect this data, review it and notify you each of their decision.


Goo luck.