Advocate Resources

These resources are intended for advocates, lawyers and non-lawyers. They are designed to help you in your work with veterans and service members. They are not intended for the lay person and should not be considered client education material.

Maximizing VA Benefits for Survivors of Military Sexual Trauma: A Practical Guide for Survivors and Their Advocates

Attorneys Major Evan R. Seamone (U.S. Army) and David M. Traskey (Department of Veterans Affairs), conduct a far-reaching study of Military Sexual Trauma ( MST) cases in the VA system and identify the hidden problem of cumulative—pre-enlistment—trauma as a basis used to…

Materials from Vet Law 2014: A Forum for Lawyers Serving Veterans

Vet Law Forum 2014 is an event specifically designed for law students and lawyers who serve (or desire to serve) Veterans and their families on a pro-bono basis.

2013 Podcast on Fair Housing Barriers faced by Women Veterans

September 27th from 2-4PM ET, there will be a webinar on the housing issues faced by female veterans.

SCRA and Protecting Victims of Domestic Violence

This law review article explores the intersection of the SCRA and state laws intended to protect victims of domestic violence.

When Does SCRA Apply? Reservists, Delayed Enlistment Program, and Post-Service

SCRA coverage for servicemembers outside of the typical active duty classification.

Representing Washington Veterans: Basic Legal and Cultural Concepts

This introduction is designed for attorneys new to this client population. The guide addresses the unique needs and culture of American veterans, from information on VA disability compensation to the nomenclatures for servicemembers across the branches of the armed…

How to Start a Legal Clinic: Clinic in a Box

This resource from Texas Lawyers for Texas Veterans supplies you with everything you need to run a legal clinic for veterans. Their website also explains training steps and how to mobilize volunteers through your local Bar.

VA Pension (Non-Service-Related): Screening Tool

Advocate tool for interviewing veteran who may qualify for VA Pension

Promoting Legal Services within VA Facilities

Find a program near you. Volunteer or use these programs as models to start your own VA-facility-based legal clinic.

VA Disability Compensation: Screening Tool

Use this standardized interview to help you determine whether a veteran my qualify for VA Disability Comp.