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Jim's Mailbag

Jim's Mailbag
And how long for a decision?
Jim's Mailbag
Just had a stroke - -maybe service-connected too?
Jim's Mailbag


Hello, I'm pretty much a homeless veteran. I have been homeless since 2008. I am 100%P&T.  I live in a construction trailer with electricity but no running water. I've been living this way for the past 8 years. I purchased another trailer to convert to a place to live; my problem is that I can't find any organization that could help me make a home out of what i have (tthis would include a septic system). My credit is crappy due mostly from identity theft and not have current revolving credit so i can't get financing for this.

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Mandatory implementation of the Veterans Appeals Improvement Act (AMA) of 2017 will occur on February 19, 2019. Congress recognized the appalling wait times veterans and their eligible family members have been enduring as to appealing VA benefit decisions.

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Military sexual trauma (MST ) is sexual harassment that is threatening or physical assault of a sexual nature. Both men and women serving in the military can suffer from MST . MST is an experience, not a diagnosis.

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This is to help you to understand some basics about the bankruptcy laws and rules. This may help you to make a more informed decision about whether filing for bankruptcy makes sense for you.