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Jim's Mailbag

Jim's Mailbag
Looking for servicemembers that have been in Thailand 1973 with mini stroke and small vessel on the brain disease.
Jim's Mailbag

I am on temporary 100% disability due to prostate cancer. I had my prostate removed. But several weeks before my first visit back to my doctor, I was given a re-evaluation by the VA. There has been no change in the rating. That was 7 months ago Prior to being diagnosed I had a 60% rating for combat realated injuries.
My question is after I am revalued again what can I expect my rating to be.

Jim's Mailbag

Hello Jim. I’m a disabled vet with a temporary 100% rating for PTSD, Anxiety, Major Depressive Disorder w/night terrors with an effective date of 02/13/2012. I have documentation from the VA that I will be re-examined in February of 2020. I see a psychologist monthly for therapy sessions and a Psychiatrist every other month for medication management. I’m on 5 different medications. The issue or question I have is I don’t see the VA for any of my mental health issues.

New On Stateside

Veterans Consortium Pro Bono Program

Get free appeal help to the CAVC from the Veterans Consortium

Help with Discharge Upgrades and VA benefit denials from the BVA (a high-level appeal).

Women Vets USA

Dedicated to connecting women with active duty, Reserves, and/or Guard military service and their families, caregivers, advocates, and communities to local, state, and federal online resources 24/7 you can find WomenVetsUSA here. Involved with grassroots, community-based vet-to-vet outreach providing printed resources and assisting with connections to close-to-home services.
A serious looking white woman in a pink sweater sits at a dark table, writing on pieces of paper.

Military Sexual Trauma Resources for Women

Military Sexual Trauma ( MST) is sexual assault or repeated, threatening sexual harassment that occurred while the veteran was in the military.


OutServe SLDN logo

New program to serve LGBT military with mental illnesses, substance abuse

OutServe-SLDN and Strive Health (Strive) and Veteran & First Responder Healthcare ( VFR ) announce a sweeping and expansive new program that will increase access to much needed health services for LGBTQ service members, veterans and their families. In partnership, the two organizations will now provide cost-effective, outpatient addiction and mental health services, improving the lives of individuals and families surviving with mental illnesses and substance abuse disorders.


Sexual assault legal loophole prevents victim military transfers

A Dayton congressman has introduced legislation to overturn a loophole that has prevented victims of sexual assault in domestic violence cases from an expedited base transfer in the military.

U.S. Rep. Mike Turner, R-Dayton, said legislation passed nearly a decade ago wasn’t meant to allow the loophole, but the Pentagon has diverted domestic violence cases to an office that determined it did not have the authority to grant an expedited transfer while victims of sexual assault were granted transfers under a separate office.

VA reaches out to LGBTQ vets

The Veterans Health Administration is reaching out to more LGBTQ vets to make sure they feel comfortable seeking medical care. In New Hampshire, the agency is taking an entertaining approach.